Update June 2015: I have been working more in the machine learning field for a while now (see a little bit at my GitHub) and regrettably never had the time to put the rest of my work online. You are always free to ask some questions if you want to know more.

I am was a mathematics student from Belgium who started this blog primarily to write about Noether’s Problem. However, since there are diverse methods of approaching this problem, interesting connections between different areas of mathematics emerge. Although I have only looked at the problem from a purely (abstract) algebraic viewpoint (as Lenstra, Swan, Endo, Miyata and others did), I plan on also exploring the problem using algebraic tori (as Voskresenskii did). Since I do not know anything about algebraic tori yet, I would use the opportunity to write an introduction to them, with Noether’s Problem in mind. Some other relevant topics are representation theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, K-theory and invariant theory. In the future I might (and hope to) write about at least some of those topics.

I have no specific goals in writing these posts, I write mainly because some subjects motivate me to write. I try to make my blog posts relatively short and informal and not too demanding of the reader; which is not always an easy task. I am also open to suggestions about anything relevant to this blog.


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